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Passphrase Agentur Sessions Podcast // New Face: Sun Meng

Welcome to Passphrase Agentur Sessions Podcast.This time we got the new face DJ in Beijing called Sun Meng.

Sun Meng use to be the party animal who got well knew by the party people in Beijing.You find her in every single underground electronic music party and clubs,such as Lantern Haze and White Rabbit ets.

And she stand on the DJ stage suddenly,and join in the party which called “Be Stupid”,and now we gonna feel her groove.

Passphrase Agentur: When do you fall in dance music and to be a regulars in clubs?
DJ Sun Meng: I actually hang out at 16 years old,but I always been to Hiphop party at the time,few years later I been the electric music party and feel such good,the music is much more powerful and there were lots of cool people.Then I was a big fan of that.

Passphrase Agentur: In Beijing,there were lots of eletric music party every week.How do you choose one of then and what reason for?
DJ Sun Meng: At start I just hang around,now I focus on the DJs.

Passphrase Agentur: Which party make you a big impression?
DJ Sun Meng: Intro Festival and Yen’s party in Beijing.

Passphrase Agentur: What different between party animal and Dj?
DJ Sun Meng: As a party animal you can drink all the time,but to be a Dj you need to think about that.But you can drink after you play.

Passphrase Agentur: What reason to make you want to be a Dj?
DJ Sun Meng: Cus I found that I can’t hear the music which I like,and my music with more fun.

Passphrase Agentur: What do you prepare to be a Dj?
DJ Sun Meng: Buy some equipments,and collect good music.

Passphrase Agentur: Have you got some problems?
DJ Sun Meng: Yap,my turntable always have problems.

Passphrase Agentur: Where do you get tracks?
DJ Sun Meng: Beatport first and find free download.

Passphrase Agentur: what is your equipment?
DJ Sun Meng: Turntable to play hiphop,and NI-S2 for the rest.

Passphrase Agentur: How do you choose the track which you going to play?
DJ Sun Meng: Decide by my time ,and I will choose the track which I quite like.

Passphrase Agentur: Which Dj and producer do you like?
DJ Sun Meng: There are so many such as DJ Spinna,Martin Eyerer,Sven Vath etc…

Passphrase Agentur: In your imagination,How does a perfect club look like?
DJ Sun Meng: The people with good quality,big space,good design,famous,lots of guest,good PA system.

Passphrase Agentur: What is the most important to be a Dj?
DJ Sun Meng: The tracks of course,make communication with guest,and physical strength.

Passphrase Agentur: Say something to the people who wants to be a Dj?
DJ Sun Meng: Go to party always,listen to the famous Dj.

Passphrase Agentur Sessions Podcast New Face: DJ Sun Meng

26th November 2014

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