Passphrase Agentur Sessions Podcast with DJ Doggy

Passphrase Agentur Sessions Podcast with DJ Doggy

13th January 2015

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DJ Doggy aka Mingyu Sheh is a Shanghai-based DJ & electronic music producer.

In 2005, he formed a Breaks DJ duo “Qingtuan” with fellow DJ Chase Wang, they played in many famous local underground club such as dkd. Then he shifted his music style to Deep House, started his party series “Submarine” with local Deep House DJ/producer Deep19. Meanwhile, DJ Doggy is active in many Chinese local label’s parties, like Asian Vibes, Void, DOT, Footprint, etc. And in Chinese big music festivals like “Midi” and “Strawberry”, you can also find him playing deep and groovy 4/4 beats music on the electronic stage. On production, his remix of Shanghai producer MHP’s single “Preterist” is well acclaimed, thus he joined MHP’s label – Master Builder Records. In April 2012, his debut EP “Work It Out” was released under the mystical Xian label – Huashan Records. In July 2013, his single “Long Tang Mo Zi” was favored by the Russian Deep House label Highway Records and released. In September 2014, his single “She’s a Cat” was collected in a Chinese electronic music compilation “Xina Eletronica” by emerging label Labareda from Lisbon Portuguese. DJ Doggy was nominated for “Best Electronic Musician” by Abilu Music Awards hosted by for 3 continuous years, and won the Best Electronic Musician Awards of China in 2012.

P: Could you talk about your experiences, and what is the opportunity to drop you into the music?

D: I like listen to the music as a child. The HongKong and Taiwan pop, Europe pop, rock, Hip Hop and then is the Electronic music, then I try to get in touch with the Dj till now.

P: How about it now?

D: Good as I wish.

P: How did you design this set?

D: Passphrase Agentur used to pormo Techno music, so the Techno is the main line and some my own style.

P: It is a cool and very electronic set. How do you feel about Passphrase Agentur?

D: It is kind trendy Techno label in China, the sound is clean, it is a professional label, they have the strander with the brand, and very cool design. The principal got the plan to make this label not just for fun.

P: As a famous Dj and producer, could talk about the party circle in ShangHai, And what they like mostly.

D: The environment is good and keep growing, people got more choice, but the it also competitive, there are lots of party at every weekend in different place, you can’t count how many Dj and team. The internet was development more and more fast, people with know the information in a short time, some people will find the party which they want, and lots of they will go the place with the big crowd.

P: What do you get in Electronic Music, and what sense it makes you?

D: Music is my life, whatever job or lifestyle, it makes me a colorful world, and I get to know lots of friends.

P: I listen lots of your track, you like to expression the interior monologue and the city life, could you talk about that?

D: I was effect by soul and tribe music, I love to catch the rhythm. And then I will make them abstract, that is my own style.

P: What do you always play in clubs?

D: Deep House and Tech House.

P: Where have you been to play, and where makes you most impressive?

D: All the underground clubs in Shanghai I think, and a few clubs in other city. I think club Shelter which I play on VOID’s party is the most impressive place, I play techno all night and people give me a very good feed back.

P: Last month you had make a show in HaErBIn,the people in Dongbei is a little bit slow to accept the kind music,what do you feel about that?

D: The younger people who actually accept the Electronic Music very fast, and the people who like electronic music will find out by themselves. But the culture of the party is very difficulties to build.It the western thing actually. I been Haerbin twice,the Box Town Club is a very nice place,people like to hear the different style,and I also join a open air party which promoted by label Sonar,lots young people be there and have a really nice time.

P: Could introduce your studio?

D: It called C-Space in daytime, it is a company which popularize the Dj and Electronic Music, we have the production department to issue the good track in China. And we will have a new label soon.

P: Which soft ware and hard ware do you use?

D: Ableton live with midi keyboard, I always use the vintage plug-in such as U-He Diva and Arturia ets.

P: What equipment do you use when you DJing?

D: Pioneer CDJ 2000, sometimes use Traktor.

P: What is the plan on 2015, and talk a little bit your new Ep on Passphrase Agentur?

D: I like to cooperate other producers in China. And the Ep is in the process, the style will be same with the Passphrase Agentur. And I hope will get more cooperation with the other labels.


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01. Copeland – Advice To Young Girls
02. CWA – Conducting The Method (feat. Avatism, Clockwork)
03. ALSO – Dive Prophets
04. Dat Oven – Icy Lake
05. Mode L – 1G
06. Moffe – Slip
07. Mugs – Alley
08. Sven Vath – Harlequin – The Beauty And The Beast (Tuff City Kids Remix)
09. Julien Bracht – Sub Collapsed
10. Jimmy Edgar – Burn
11. Dense & Pika – Klank
12. CWA – Modern Conflict Theory (feat. Avatism, Clockwork)
13. Volkoder – Detroit
14. Aphex Twin – PAPAT4 [155][Pineal mix]